Use Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business Reputation

Your company’s reputation can make or break your business. You need a customer feedback system in place to ensure your company is highlighted in the best possible light. With the majority of consumers using online reviews when deciding to buy from a company, having positive reviews that show the benefits of buying from you makes a difference.

How it Works to Attract New Business

How to get more online reviews

With our customer feedback system, we will query your customers to ask about their experience with your company and ensure you get the positive reviews you need to showcase your company to the masses. This automated feedback option makes it easy for you to garner more positive online reviews that rank and propel your business above your competitors.

Using email, SMS, or an on-site kiosk we will reach out to your customers after they buy from you or use your services, and ask them how likely they are to recommend your business.

Those who give you positive feedback will then be prompted to leave you a review at your prefered review site and those who have left negative feedback will be given an immediate apology along with a feedback form to explain what went wrong. The process is easy for you as well as them, ensuring quick responses that you can count on to improve your business’ reputation. With this fully managed system, you can ensure potential customers see your positive reviews as they rank higher in search engine searches. This allows your business to be front and centre with your customers and makes you more visible and trusted when trying to attract new clientele.

Gain Valuable Feedback

No matter the products or services that your business offers, a feedback system can help achieve positive reviews from your customers. You’ll learn from the valuable feedback your customers provide (good and bad) and make your business better than ever before. Gain valuable insight into your customers thought process when buying from you and find out where you are exceeding their expectations or understand where your business can improve.

Your company deserves a real world reputation that reflects the service you offer and through our customer feedback system, you can ensure that you have the glowing reviews that accurately reflect your business values. Begin the overhaul of your company’s reputation today by employing a feedback system that work for you.