It’s Google Street View INSIDE your Auto Dealership!

Take advantage of Google Auto View and watch as your revenue potential skyrockets. With this virtual tour, your customers will have the opportunity to interact with your dealership right from the privacy of their own home. Today’s consumers are savvier than ever, and when you are trying to reach the ever-important Millennial customer base, you need to appeal to their personal preferences. Google Auto View allows you to reach these consumers and so more as you drive customers directly to your dealership by starting the sales process early with a virtual tour.

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Search interest for “Car Dealerships Near Me” has doubled year over year.

Google Trends Auto Dealers Near MeIt is at this stage of the modern car buyers path to purchase where a Google Street View virtual tour and up to date images can help influence them to contact you!

Capitalize On Quality And Recency

Through our Google Auto View program, you are able to benefit from recency and image quality – the two features Google ranks as important when displaying local business images to Google Searchers. We take care of the quality by using state-of-the-art equipment to portray your dealership in its entirety. By updating your showroom twice, a year, we are able to highlight your new fall models and highlight your fresh spring offerings when business really takes off, ensuring your online images never go stale!

You’ll benefit from adding Google Auto View right into your website. This added feature allows you to capitalize on the customers you reach on a daily basis offering them more than expected in their vehicle search. Allow your clients to interact with your dealership in a more engaging way. Google Auto View draws them in and keeps them coming back for more. They will engage with your brand longer, and we provide you with the data to back it up with a variety of analytics that proves an ROI.

Easy Annual Fee To Start

With only an annual fee to begin your Google Auto View membership, you can’t go wrong offer your customers a virtual product that they demand. For only $1149 a year, you’ll have top of the line promotions for your auto dealership that will attract users and help increase your reputation online. Contact us today to start your Google Auto View dealership package!

What you Get

1 Professional Street View shoot of your entire dealership including the storefront shot, interior views, in the car views, service and parts areas.
15 Professional Business Photos each year.
2 professional Street View UPDATE photo shoots each year capturing your showroom
5 interesting 360° photos for sharing on your facebook pages!
Virtual Tour application for your website (automatically updated everytime we update your showroom)
Monthly email reports tracking your views on Google to ensure you’re always getting full value out of your tour!