A Virtual Look Inside Your School

Allow your school to benefit from Google Campus View by adding a virtual tour of the entirety of your campus to Google Street View. No longer will students feel lost on that first week of school as they will be able to get familiar with your campus from top to bottom with a virtual tour that is easy to use and interact with.

See NAIT Virtual Tour

Recruit New Students With Ease

Your campus will be on the edge of leading technology as you offer students the ability to tour your campus through Google Campus View right from their home. Allow students to see the advantages of attending your school and entice them into applying by providing them a firsthand look at all your university offers.

Students will be able to visit your school without the expense of travelling to it, making it easier than ever for them to choose your campus as their school of choice to further their education. Through a series of panoramic images, Google Campus View provides an interactive way for students to see every inch of your campus and know their way around before they get there. This can reduce anxiety for new students and allow distance students an opportunity to feel a part of your campus from day one.

Increase Your Student Involvement

The process of capturing your school’s campus is easier than ever as photos are seamless pasted together to provide a virtual tour inside and outside your university. No disruption to classes occurs, and you will have the perfect tool to add to your website that gives students a preview of what they can expect when attending your school. Add information notes on the layout and provide easy navigation to appeal to exactly the needs of your students. Google Campus View is your virtual solution to welcoming students to your campus.