How to Verify your Google Listing for Local Business in 6 Easy Steps

In February 2014 I had the amazing opportunity to visit Google headquarters in Mountain View California. I was there to receive an award for the most creative virtual tour and spend the day exploring the campus and discussing the Google Street View product.

One of the activities was an information session, and Q&A with a couple members of the Google+ Local team. This was an amazing discussion, and the most valuable takeaway was when they told us that the most important thing a business can do for themselves online is to verify their Google MyBusiness Listing (formerly known as your Google Places page and Google+ Page).

As you may or may not know, Google generates it’s local listings from many various sources, which can result in an incorrect listing. By verifying your page, you are letting Google know that you are the authority on your business and as a result you gain a higher level of trust for your business. This ensures that your customers always get the most accurate information when they search for you on the web and the other sources will carry less weight when there is contradicting information from the other sources.

Verifying your business is very easy and can be done in just a few steps!

1. Sign in to Google MyBusiness or create a Google account if you don’t already have one.

2. Look for the little blue + sign at the bottom right and select create a new business

Add a Business to Google Maps

3. Start typing your business name, and see if Google already has a listing for you. If so, click on it

4. Continue to Fill out the form, adding in all the details you can. Do not get lazy, and fill in every available field correctly.

5. Double check that all your information is correct and click submit.

6. You will now be given an option to verify. If this is a brand new listing you will most likely only have the option for “Postcard” verification, and if your listing already existed on Google you may get the option for Phone Verification.

Postcard Verification – Double check that the information is correct so that Google will mail your postcard to the correct location. You can also add an optional name, which is recommended so that the postcard won’t get tossed in the garbage by your mail sorters. When you receive your postcard you all you need to do is log back in to your Google MyBusiness dashboard and enter your PIN.

Phone Verification – Make sure that your phone number is correct and a direct line that you can answer. The phone verification is automated so it will work if you have an automated phone tree. Click Verify by Phone and your phone will ring almost immediately with an automated message recording of your PIN. Enter the number, click submit and you will be verified!

In Person Verification – As a Partner in the Get Your Business Online Program with Google, I have access to a special app that allows me to verify your business in person. I’m always happy to meet a new business owner and walk them through the verification steps, and this is something I provide for free. Please contact me if you need some help!  

That’s it, your Business is now Verified! It’s that Easy!

We have been getting a lot of requests for help with Google MyBusiness Listings, so I’ve created a free “office hours” twice a week to help business figure this out! Book a time Below

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