Exploring NFT's

As NFT's seem to be all over the internet these days, I have been gaining more and more interest in to what may be possible. 

It's been fascinating to see digital artwork selling for so much, and neat to see so many people trading in NFT's and artists finally having their work recognized. 

I still have a lot to learn, so I'm going to use this blog to document my journey in to the world of NFT's. 

I'm particularly interested in what this could mean for creators, specifically photographers as the technology improves. 

Some of my initial questions: 

  • Is this mainly just for memes/gif style artwork, or is there a place for photographers? 
  • What platforms can artists sell NFT's on? 
  • What does it cost? 
  • What other ways can this technology be used? 

So many questions, so follow along as we find the answers to these and many more!

With that in mind, click here check out my very first NFT


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