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Why Google Maps Is Quickly Becoming The New Social Network For Businesses

Social networking has completely changed the way businesses actively operate. Not only does it offer a place for businesses to effectively brand themselves, but also to engage with and interact with their customers. While businesses have their own websites, social network platforms are where a majority of consumers spend their time. As a result, businesses have been flocking to social networks as a way to reach more of their respective target market and to engage with them much more efficiently and effectively. This, combined with these networks becoming a place where consumers praise and complain about businesses and brands has made social networking an absolute 'must' for businesses to place a central focus on. While there is a lot of talk about Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks for businesses, each platform has inherent flaws. One social network that isn't necessarily commonly referred to as a social network is quickly gaining steam as an 'ideal' social network for businesses. Below, we will be going over exactly why Google Maps is quickly becoming the new go-to social network for businesses everywhere.

Reasons Why Google Maps Is Becoming The Social Network Businesses Are Flocking To:

1. User Base

One of the main reasons it offers unlimited potential for businesses is due to the fact that the user base is already sky high. Whereas other social networks have to start from a user-base of zero, Google Maps has over a billion users already using it on a daily basis. Some use it every day for their daily commute. While some social networks currently have more active users than Google Maps, these networks have inherent metric limitations to better monetize advertising and marketing on the platform. For instance, Facebook and Twitter only allow you to effectively reach a small percentage of Facebook or Twitter users simply to place much more value on their paid advertising and marketing services. Thus, you can only expect to reach a small percentage of actual consumers using organic means. Whereas, with Google Maps, you have the ability to reach a much larger percentage of your respective market.

2. Local Customers

One of the major advantages that Google Maps is going to provide businesses is the fact that it effectively helps you communicate with and target local customers. This is especially pertinent for brick and mortar businesses that rely on local traffic. Because all Map's results are going to be favorable with search when the user is in close proximity, you are able to effectively market to a customer that is much more willing and able to visit your brick and mortar location.

3. Added Features

While Google Maps wasn't built to inherently be a social network, Google is quickly and deliberately adding features making it operate much more like one every single day. In fact, new features are coming that make it operate much more like a social network allowing users, customers, and fans, to follow businesses offering them the opportunity to get updates on the business' best deals, offers, events, and other kinds of information. This allows businesses to gain traction within their respective market and to push deals to them while leveraging Geo-location advantages. Another feature that is quietly turning Google Maps into a social network of sorts is the new 'social sharing' feature which allows the sharing of information about different businesses along with a new group planning feature which allows Google Map's users to effectively create 'wish lists' of businesses that they might want to visit with the ability to share the lists with their friends.

4. New Focus For Improving Customer Engagement

One of the biggest advantages that social networks offer businesses is the ability to utilize the platforms and networks as a means to provide better customer service. Google Maps is adding a customer engagement element which effectively allows customers to ask questions directly to a business about products and services and other customer service related inquiries which really turns Google Maps into a customer relationship management (CRM) powerhouse for businesses.

As you can see, Google Maps wasn't built to be a social network, but it is quickly turning into one of the best platforms for businesses. While other social networks are experiencing stunted growth and a lot of public criticism over the sharing of personal data, Google is quietly turning Google Maps into a social network powerhouse built with inherent advantages over the other platforms for local businesses.

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