In Medicine Hat for 2 Days ONLY!

Our Award Winning Google Trained and Trusted Photographer is coming to Medicine Hat to capture the interior of local businesses for Google Street View! Now is your chance to take advantage of this powerful marketing opportunity to:

Win More Customers

Stand Out on Google

Save Money on Advertising

Click Play On The Video Above To See More Of What Google Street View for Business Is All About!

We have put together a special package specifically for Medicine Hat Businesses. 

For a Small ONE TIME fee of $497, you will get: 

  • Professional Street View Photoshoot on site at a time convenient for you . (Up to 20 Viewpoints)
  • 360 image processing. All images are processed and stitched in-house before publishing to google. This ensures consistent high quality; Final stitched 360° images are 60.5 megapixels or 11k.
  • Publishing Virtual tour to your business profile on Google Maps/Google Street View

You Will Also Get All of These Free Extras!

  • FREE Add your virtual tour to your website for you, or I will work with your development team to ensure they have everything they need to add it to your website.
  • FREE Tracking the number of views your virtual tour images have received on Google over time (to justify ROI)
  • FREE Copies of all 360 images for sharing on facebook: Like This
  • FREE 5-day email training program that goes over all the details of your virtual tour to ensure that you get the most marketing value out of it. It's so much more than just a tour on Google.

Day 1: How to find your Virtual Tour on Google

Day 2: How to share your virtual tour

Day 3: How to Embed your Virtual Tour across your website

Day 4: How to share your 360° photos on facebook

Day 5: How to add regular photos to your Google listing.

Day 6: Extra Free Secret bonus

We are in only in town October 22nd & 23rd! 

Available time slots are limited and expected to fill up fast! 

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Just ADD your Email Above to Schedule your Google Street View Business Shoot. 

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